First it was my love for love. A sincere joy when I saw a glimpse of love in somebody's eyes, be it when I was invited at a ceremony, or when I was walking in the park and happened to see a child happily running to his mother's arms.

Then it was my wish to photograph the moment and to offer both myself and the ones photographed love seen through lenses. Love seen in all its ways: in the eyes of a husband looking at the womb carrying his child, in the eyes of a young woman who has just turned into a mother looking at her baby, in the grandfather's and grandmother's warm eyes, in the eyes of a man and a woman on the day they declare their love and commitment in front of society and deity... well, LOVE...

I strongly believe that the essence of life lies in irreplaceable moments and I really like giving it to you in my photographs.

Cu drag,

Fotograful de serviciu